Presentation Archive

Presenter NameSessionPresentation Title
Luai HasnawiOpening PlenaryUncovering IP Traffic Pattern in Saudi Arabia2017-10-19
Babak FarrokhiPlenaryA Curious Case of Broken DNS Responses2017-10-19
Samih SouissiPlenaryState of the Internet in France: Data Interconnection Market Evolution and Transition to IPv62017-10-19
Massimo CandelaMATMulti-Approach Infrastructure Geolocation2017-10-19
Luca SaniPlenaryICE: Interactive Collector Engine2017-10-19
Geoff HustonPlenaryThe Death of Transit and Beyond2017-10-20
Geoff HustonIPv6Surviving IPv6 Fragmentation2017-10-20
Geoff HustonRoutingMore specific announcements in BGP2017-10-20
Vasileios GiotsasConnectDetecting Peering Infrastructure Outages in the Wild2017-10-20
Nuno M. GarciaMATA new almost reliable UDP protocol2017-10-22
Hans Petter HolenNewcomers' IntroductionRIPE Meeting 101 - RIPE2017-10-22
Axel PawlikNewcomers' IntroductionRIPE Meeting 101 - RIPE NCC2017-10-22
Sara SolmonePlenaryEstablishing Jurisdiction Online: The Problem of the Access-Based Jurisdictional Principle2017-10-21
Juan BrenesRouting[RACI] Smarter BGP Convergence2017-10-21
Kyle SpencerPlenaryIX-F and the African IXP Association2017-10-21
Farzad EbrahimiIoTKey Factors for the Successful Entry of Developing Countries into the Internet of Things2017-10-23
Barry O'DonovanConnectIXP Automation2017-10-21
Louis PoinsignonPlenaryNetwork Monitoring at Scale2017-10-21
Christoph DietzelConnectLightning Talks: Inferring BGP Blackholing Activity in the Internet2017-10-21
Richard CzivaOpening PlenaryRuru: Real-Time Wide-Area TCP Latency Monitoring2017-10-22
JadTutorialDecoding the IoT Ecosystem2017-10-22
Jordi Palet MartinezTutorialIPv6 Deployment in Cellular Networks2017-10-22
Shane KerrPlenaryRIPE Diversity Task Force Update2017-10-22
Benno OvereinderOpening PlenaryBenno Overeinder, RIPE Programme Committee Chair2017-10-22
Hans Petter HolenOpening PlenaryWelcome to RIPE 752017-10-22
Erik BaisAnti-AbusePre-Transfer Clean-Up of Abused Prefixes2017-10-22
Sander SteffannPlenaryState of IPv6-Only2017-10-22
Thomas KingPlenaryWe Care about Data Quality at IXPs2017-10-22
Osama I AL-DOSARYPlenaryRiyadh Internet Exchange, Better Late Than Never2017-10-22
Uta Meier-HahnPlenaryCreating Connectivity: How Networkers Manufacture the Good of the Internet2017-10-23
Florence LavroffConnectWelcome + Scribe appointment2017-10-22
Florence LavroffConnectConnect Update2017-10-22
Khaled FaddaTutorialDDoS attacks and rise of IoT botnets2017-10-22
Massimo CandelaMATCrowdsource your Infrastructure Location with OpenIPmap2017-10-23
Greg HankinsPlenaryRecent BGP Innovations for Operational Challenges2017-10-23
Marco HogewoningIoTAdministrative Matters2017-10-23
Marco HogewoningIoTUpdate on Internet of Things Meeting in Leeds2017-10-23
Marco HogewoningIoTDiscussion on Future Work and Draft Charter (Open Microphone)2017-10-23
Brian TrammellPlenaryOn the Passive Measurability of QUIC2017-10-23
William SylvesterPlenaryRIPE Accountability Task Force Update2017-10-23
Alexander AzimovPlenaryMeasurement as Key for Transparency2017-10-23
Christian KaufmannMATIntroduction2017-10-23
Aris LambrianidisClosing PlenaryRoute Servers: An AMS-IX introspective2017-10-23
Roy ArendsPlenaryRoot DNSKEY Rollover Delay2017-10-23
Kevin MeynellIoTOTA & IoT: A Shared & Collaborative Responsibility2017-10-23
Remco van MookConnectWG Chairs Selection Process2017-10-23
Alex SaroyanOpen SourceAnatomy of White-Box Switches2017-10-23
Falk von BornstaedtConnectNew Levels of Cooperation between Eyeball ISPs and OTT/CDNs2017-10-23
Alastair StrachanRIPE NCC ServicesRIPE NCC Community Projects Fund2017-10-23
Chris AminMATRIPE NCC R&D Update2017-10-23
Alain DurandCooperationDOA-like Persistent Identifiers over DNS2017-10-23
Marco SchmidtAddress PolicyCurrent Policy Topics2017-10-23
Agustín FormosoMATComparing a set of Latency Measurements2017-10-24
Andrea CimaAddress PolicyFeedback From RIPE NCC Registration Services2017-10-24
Gert DoeringAddress PolicyWG steering slides2017-10-24
Maximilian WilhelmAddress Policy2016-04 IPv6 PI Sub-assignment Clarification2017-10-24
Ivana TomicIoTTrusted Routing in the Internet of Things2017-10-24
Petr ŠpačekOpen SourceKnot Resolver - a modern DNS resolver2017-10-24
Karen McCabeCooperationIEEE's Work on Ethics on the Internet and AI2017-10-24
Andrew de la HaijeRIPE NCC ServicesOperation Update - Meeting Your Needs2017-10-24
Rumy Spratley-KanisRIPE NCC ServicesBeyond Classrooms: Training in the 21st Century2017-10-24
Geoff HustonNRO/RIR ReportsAPNIC Update2017-10-24
SeyedAlireza VaziriAnti-AbuseNetflow Based Botnet Detection2017-10-24
Jen LinkovaIPv6Administrative matters2017-10-25
Salam YamoutCooperationWhat’s Happening at the IETF: Internet Standards and how to get involved2017-10-24
Axel PawlikRIPE NCC ServicesRIPE NCC Outlook2017-10-24
John CurranNRO/RIR ReportsNRO EC Update2017-10-24
Bijal SanghaniRIPE NCC ServicesAdministrative Matters2017-10-24
Christian TeuschelRIPE NCC ServicesRIPE NCC Country Reports2017-10-24
Shane KerrDNSDNS working group steering slides2017-10-24
Wolfgang ZenkerIPv6Webhosting on IPv6-only virtual machines2017-10-24
Jose LeitaoPlenaryBuild Your Own Version of NetNorad Using Open Source Tools2017-10-24
João Luis Silva DamasRoutingWG Chair Selection2017-10-24
João Luis Silva DamasRoutingAgenda2017-10-24
AlainCooperationICANN’s Identifier Technology Health Indicators (ITHI)2017-10-24
Alain DurandDatabaseIdentifier Technology Health Indicators2017-10-24
Tim BruijnzeelsDatabaseRIPE NCC Database Update2017-10-24
Mike HazasCooperationInternet Services and Energy Demand2017-10-24
Ignas BagdonasRoutingLightning talk: Pseudowires and Control Words - Fixing it once and for all2017-10-25
João Luis Silva DamasRoutingWorkshop/Charter2017-10-25
Benno OvereinderDNSLiving on the Edge: (Re)focus DNS Efforts on the End-Points2017-10-25
Kevin MeynellRoutingWorkshop/feedback about the routing WG future evolution2017-10-25
Ondřej SurýOpen SourceDebian Packaging - for intermediates2017-10-25
Ondřej SurýOpen SourceBIND 9.12 Highlights2017-10-25
Jan ZorzAnti-AbuseLightning Talk: "How to run your email server on IPv6 and survive" BCOP2017-10-25
Jan ZorzIPv6RIPE-690 BCOP (and beyond...)2017-10-25
Ondrej FilipOpen SourceBIRD 2.0.02017-10-25
Ondrej FilipOpen SourceAdministrative Matters2017-10-25
Greg MounierAnti-AbuseC1. 2017-02 (Regular abuse-c Validation)2017-10-25
Sandoche BALAKRICHENANDNSWhy DNS Should be the Naming Service for the Internet of Things2017-10-25
Jaromír TalířDNSCDNSKEY Implementation with Automated KSK Rollover in Knot DNS and the FRED Registry2017-10-25
Agustín FormosoNRO/RIR ReportsLACNIC Update2017-10-25
Jordi Palet MartinezIPv6Happy Eyeballs v22017-10-25
Anand BuddhdevDNSRIPE NCC Report2017-10-25
Fredrik KorsbäckClosing PlenaryGreenfielding a New High-performance Network, How Hard Could It Be?2017-10-25
Wilhelm BoeddinghausIPv6IPv6 in Enterprise Network: Advanced Topics2017-10-25
Madhvi GokoolNRO/RIR ReportsAFRINIC Update2017-10-25
Elise GerichNRO/RIR ReportsIANA/PTI Update2017-10-25
Jim ReidClosing PlenaryCreation of IoT Working Group2017-10-25
Ingrid WijteNRO/RIR ReportsNRO Statistics2017-10-25
Paul AndersenNRO/RIR ReportsARIN Update2017-10-25
Jim ReidClosing PlenaryCreation of IoT Working Group - v22017-10-25
Christian KaufmannClosing PlenaryICN Akamai2017-10-25
Axel PawlikNRO/RIR ReportsASO Review2017-10-26
Lee HowardWorkshopConfiguring CPE for Transition Mechanisms2017-10-26
Sjoerd OostdijckClosing PlenaryRIPE NCC Technical Report2017-10-26
Hans Petter HolenClosing PlenaryClosing Remarks2017-10-26
Wilhelm BoeddinghausWorkshopIPv6 and the Enterprise2017-11-21