Address Policy Working Group

Tuesday, 24 October 09:00 - 10:30

A. Administrative Matters [5 min]
(welcome, thanking the scribe, approving the minutes, etc.)
C. Current Policy Topics [20 min]
Marco Schmidt, RIPE NCC Policy Development Officer
  • Global policy overview: "What's going on?"
  • Common policy topics in all regions (end of IPv4, transfers, ...)
  • Overview over concluded proposals in the RIPE region since RIPE 74
  • Brief overview over new proposals (if any)
D. Feedback From RIPE NCC Registration Services [25 min]
Andrea Cima, RIPE NCC Manager Registration Services and Policy Development (+ discussion with the group)
F. Discussion of Open Policy Proposals [30 min]
  • 2016-04: IPv6 PI Sub-assignment Clarification
    Maximilian Wilhelm
  • 2017-01: Publish Statistics on Intra-RIR Legacy Updates
    Elvis Daniel Velea
Y. Open Policy Hour [10 min]
The Open Policy Hour is a showcase for your policy ideas. If you have a policy proposal you'd like to debut prior to formally submitting it, here is your opportunity.