Attendee List

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Networking Tool

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First Name Last Name Organisation Country Status ASN
Samer Abdel-Hafez Netflix NL AS2906
Salman Ahmed JHAH SA
Bassam Alderwish Integrated Telecom Co SA AS35753
Fiona Asonga KIXP KE
Munir Badr AEserver AE
Ignas Bagdonas Equinix GB
Andrei Eric Băleanu InterLAN Internet Exchange RO AS39107
Denesh Bhabuta DNS-OARC // UKNOF // Meidan Ventures GB
Frank Blankman Amazon NL AS16509
Wilhelm Boeddinghaus iubari GmbH DE
Juri Bogdanov IP4MARKET RU
Ondřej Caletka CESNET CZ AS2852
Mohamad Choaib Londonmet LB
Stephen DAlmeida Globetouch Inc formerly Roamware US AS61262
Mihail Dumitrache INCDI - ICI Bucharest RO AS3233
Farhad Farjadmanesh Cyber Data Processing IR AS16200
Farnoush Farjadmanesh Cyber Data Processing IR AS16200
Maria Isabel Gandía Consorci de Serveis Universitaris de Catalunya ES
Julia Gimaletdinova Alfa Telecom s.r.o. CZ
Marius Gruen blue networks GmbH & Co. KG DE
Prem Gurbani Glimmer ES
Alejandro Guzman LACNIC US
Ali Hallal Information Systems Company LB AS20874
Hans Petter Holen RIPE Chair NO
Paul Hoogsteder Meanie NL AS31019
Aaron Hughes 6connect, Inc US AS8038
Ole Jacobsen The Internet Protocol Journal US
Stefan Jakob DENIC eG DE AS31529
Raymond Jetten Elisa Oyj FI AS6667 AS719
Ulf Kieber xoo networks consulting CH AS24603
Jamal Kilani Total Telecom Solutions AE
Thomas King DE-CIX DE AS6695
Jac Kloots SURFnet NL AS1103
Boban Krsic DENIC DE AS8763
Tobias Kuettner GTT DE AS3257
Andrei Kushnireuski Alfa Telecom s.r.o. CZ
Evgeniya Linkova Google AU
Heng Lu Larus Cloud Service Limited HK
Evgenii Mamontov IP4MARKET RU
Olga Mamontova IP4MARKET RU
Kolarik Michal s.r.o. SK AS201702
Paolo Moroni Swisscom CH AS3303
Nat Morris NETFLIX GB AS2906
Seyed Ahmad Mousavi International University IR AS205833
Ronan Mullally Akamai Technologies GB AS20940 AS32787
Sergey Myasoedov NetArt Group CZ
Brian Nisbet HEAnet IE AS1213
Barry O'Donovan INEX IE AS2128
Jordi Palet Martinez The IPv6 Company ES
Christian Petrasch DENIC eG DE AS31529
Serge Radovcic RIPE NCC NL
Abdel-moniem Rezk World Wide Technology GB
Sami Saadaoui VIVA BH
Ionut Sandu INCDI-ICI Bucharest RO AS3233
Marcos Sanz Grosson DENIC eG DE
Alex Saroyan XCloud Networks AM
Leif Sawyer General Communication, Inc. US AS8047 AS64205 AS395718
Christian Scheele embeDD GmbH DE AS201155
Martin Semrad NIX.CZ CZ AS6881
Cristian-Harisis Sevcenco ANCOM RO
Adel Shahini Mojbahman IR
Bernd Spiess DE-CIX AT AS6695
Sander Steffann SJM Steffann NL AS57771 AS203993
Peter Steinhaeuser embeDD GmbH DE AS201155
Benedikt Stockebrand Stepladder IT Training+Consulting GmbH DE
Bor Sumrada Arnes SI AS2107
Sofya Sushkina IP4MARKET RU
Klaas Tammling akquinet outsourcing gGmbH DE AS35258
Paul Thornton PRT Systems Ltd GB AS8676
Wolfgang Tremmel DE-CIX DE AS61374
Wouter Van Renterghem NL-ix NL AS34307
SeyedAlireza Vaziri KMU IR AS203102
Adrian-Victor Vevera INCDI-ICI Bucharest RO AS3233
Javed Vohra Netflix GB AS2906
Petra Wensing AMS-IX NL AS1200
Wolfgang Zenker GmbH DE AS16188

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