Wednesday, 25 October

There were 483 attendees checked in at RIPE 75 for another full day of RIPE Working Group (WG) sessions.

Wednesday’s programme highlights

Routing WG

  • A discussion about the charter of the WG with support at the microphone for more focus on the IETF, IXPs and BGP security.
  • Joao Damas announced this would be his last meeting as co-chair and Ignas Bagdonas will take his place
  • A presentation from a RACI attendee on Power Prefix Prioritisation for Smarter BGP Reconvergence that prompted an active dialogue with the audience
  • A chart-filled look at BGP more specific announcements, with key findings noting that they add to the size and update of the BGP load, there’s a decline in hole punching, overlays becoming more prevalent and IPv6 instability being higher than IPv4
  • A look at Pseudowire, a tunnel mechanism that carries traffic encapsulated in a lower layer like MPLS
  • A discussion on tackling foreign ROUTE objects in the RIPE Database
  • A mini BoF on Internet Routing Health Measurement

Cooperation WG

Open Source WG

Anti-Abuse WG

Database WG



The day’s programme ended with a workshop on configuring CPE for transition mechanisms. Attendees then boarded buses and headed off to the final social of the meeting week, the RIPE 75 Dinner at the Dubai Marine Resort.

See you tomorrow for the last day of RIPE 75.

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