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You can catch two types of taxis outside the airport: standard cream-coloured ones and the luxury ones.
 Fares for the luxury taxis are about 30% more than the standard taxis. 
Some regular taxis allow payment by credit card, which will cost an extra AED 2 to your fare.
Dubai taxi information

It’s perfectly safe for women to ride alone in a taxi. However, if you prefer, you can also call to request a Ladies Taxi, which are recognisable by their pink roof and female drivers.

Public transportation

Dubai’s public transportation system includes buses, metros, water buses and abras (water taxis). A chip card called Nol Card (“nol” is Arabic for “fare”) can be purchased beforehand from a ticket office or vending machine located in all metro and bus stations, malls and airports.

Things to see and do

Up for a Stroll?

Combine these walk-friendly areas in one evening: Dubai Marina, JBR Walk, Beach Walk

. The following walks also allow you to discover the diverse restaurants of Dubai


Recommended Restaurants near The Conrad Hotel (reservations are necessary)

RIPE NCC Dubai Staff Recommendation

Eat at Pai Thai (near the Al Qasr Hotel, inexpensive and very good food). After dinner, visit the Souk Medinat or Cove Beach and you’ll have a perfect evening.

 Tip: Go to the Al Qasr Hotel, take a boat (for free) to the restaurant; after dinner, order a buggy (for free but give a tip) and ask him to take you to Souk Medinat or Cove Beach; on the way, take a selfie in front of Burj Al Arab

Recommended Lounges in Dubai

Ladies Night

Dubai has a Ladies Night where women get free drinks. See locations here and here.

Beaches in Dubai


Other Adventures

Nearby Emirates Sites to See


Please note: In all Emirates, alcohol is allowed only in hotels and is expensive. Consider buying your preferred drink in the airport duty free shops.