Tuesday, 24 October

Day three of RIPE 75 saw 460 attendees checked in for the first day of RIPE Working Group (WG) sessions.

Tuesday’s programme highlights

Measurement Analysis and Tools (MAT) WG

  • A new UDP protocol – the keyed UDP – received a largely enthusiastic response
  • The RIPE NCC presented on the release of a set of geolocation APIs for estimating geolocation information and OpenIPmap
  • Christian Kauffmann stepped down as chair of the MAT WG with the audience applauding him for his efforts over the years

Address Policy WG

  • Feedback from the RIPE NCC on a number of issues:
    • An update on the clean-up of ALLOCATED PI/UNSPECIFIED resources in the RIPE Database
    • Outdated text references in the IPv4 policies
    • Uptake of 32-bit ASNs
    • Clarifying whether the IPv6 policies should be interpreted in a way that allows holders of multiple LIRs to request multiple IPv6 allocations
    • Clarifying whether the RIPE NCC’s approach concerning IXP IPv4 assignments is correct
  • A discussion of a proposal to clarify IPv6 PI sub-assignments

Connect WG

  • A presentation on Inferring BGP Blackholing in the Internet received a lot of discussion and attention
  • The co-chairs requested feedback and more interesting content for the working group

Internet of Things (IoT) Session

RIPE NCC Services WG

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