14:00 < marcoHRIPENCCC> hello all
14:01 < marcoHRIPENCCC> as we're about to start - I am Marco Hogewoning and here on behalf of the RIPE NCC to relay any questions you might have
14:01 < marcoHRIPENCCC> if you want to ask a question relevant to the presentation, please indicate so in this channel
14:01 < marcoHRIPENCCC> and also please provide name and affiliation
14:02 < marcoHRIPENCCC> Kurtis has opened the meeting
14:07 < marcoHRIPENCCC> any comments to Bijal's question re. lack of volunteers?
14:10 < rhe-786> Maybe we should draw lots, and everybody's name goes in the hat.
14:10 < rhe-786> 🙂
14:11 < marcoHRIPENCCC> rhe; microphones are closed
14:11 < marcoHRIPENCCC> but suggest you have a chat with Bijal and Jim about that
14:12 < rhe-786> I don't mean all the volunteers' names going in the hat, I mean EVERYBODY's name goes in the hat. 🙂 (I know the mics are closed, it's not a serious suggestion.)
14:20 < marcoHRIPENCCC> Hehehe
14:25 < marcoHRIPENCCC> As Axel is about to wrap up
14:25 < marcoHRIPENCCC> any questions for him on his presentation?
14:45 < marcoHRIPENCCC> not sure how we are time wise, but of course if you have any questions for Andrew I can try and grab a spot at the queue
15:00 < DoDo> As you know current RIPE NCC training webinar are not accessible by Iranian members, This is a long standing issue and I'm interested to know if you have any real plan to solve this.
15:02 < marcoHRIPENCCC> DoDo: should I relay?
15:02 < marcoHRIPENCCC> Then please state your name/affiliation?
15:02 < marcoHRIPENCCC> now is the time - floor is about to open
15:03 < marcoHRIPENCCC> DoDo?
15:03 < DoDo> yes plz , Arash from Parsun
15:03 < marcoHRIPENCCC> done
15:03 < DoDo> thanks mate
15:09 < marcoHRIPENCCC> any questions for Alistair
15:12 < stolpe> no slides uploades for christian teuschel?
15:12 < marcoHRIPENCCC> they were late
15:13 < marcoHRIPENCCC> it is being worked on
15:13 < stolpe> ok
15:14 < marcoHRIPENCCC> unfortunately it seems that it is coming from a USB stick, not from our multimedia platform
15:15 < marcoHRIPENCCC> so unfortunately might not be able to get them online before the end of this talk
15:15 < marcoHRIPENCCC> our apologies - beyond our control atm
15:22 < DoDo> what was the url?
15:22 < marita_RIPENCC> stolpe: Christian's presentation is online now
15:22 < stolpe> just saw that. thanks. but only keynote so far
15:22 < marcoHRIPENCCC> DoDo:
15:23 < DoDo> tnx
15:24 < marita_RIPENCC> stolpe: pdf is also uploaded now
15:25 < marcoHRIPENCCC> are there any questions?
15:25 < stolpe> great
15:31 < marcoHRIPENCCC> last item: any AOB for the open microphone?