09:01 < sandrabras_RIPENCC> Hello, The Connect WG has started. I am Sandra Brás from the RIPE NCC and I am doing the chat monitoring for this WG. If you have any questions or comments, please let me know and I will read them out for you.
09:08 < sandrabras_RIPENCC> Vasileios Giotsas is now starting his presentation: “Detecting Peering Infrastructure Outages in the Wild”.
09:22 < sandrabras_RIPENCC> Do you have any questions for Vasileios?
09:23 < sandrabras_RIPENCC> The presentation “IXP Automation (with IXP manager and NAPALM)” by Barry O'Donovan has started.
09:25 < bengan> small remark. the video still says "Vasileios Giotsas"
09:25 < sandrabras_RIPENCC> Thanks, bengan. I will let my colleagues know.
09:26 < Bidikov> Luckily we all know Barry with his tipical Irish accent 🙂
09:26 < bengan> 🙂
09:27 < sandrabras_RIPENCC> It’s been fixed
09:39 < sandrabras_RIPENCC> Barry is asking for questions.
09:40 < sandrabras_RIPENCC> The next presentation is: “New Levels of Cooperation between Eyeball ISPs and OTT/CDNs”, by Falk von Bornstaedt
09:51 < sandrabras_RIPENCC> any questions?
09:51 < sandrabras_RIPENCC> or comments?
09:52 < sandrabras_RIPENCC> Now a lightening talk: “Inferring BGP Blackholing Activity in the Internet”, by Christoph Dietzel
10:13 < sandrabras_RIPENCC> Any questions?
10:23 < sandrabras_RIPENCC> Now Florence, the WG Cgair is giving an update
10:27 < sandrabras_RIPENCC> If you have any feedback for the WG Chairs, please let me know and I will read it out for you.
10:27 < sandrabras_RIPENCC> This session is finished. Thank you.