Presenting at a RIPE Meeting

Should I contact the RIPE Programme Committee or a RIPE Working Group Chair?

A RIPE Meeting agenda includes plenary sessions followed by RIPE Working Group sessions.

RIPE Working Group Sessions:

RIPE Working Groups deal with issues of specific interest to the Internet community. The RIPE Working Groups meet in dedicated sessions from Tuesday to Wednesday at RIPE 75. Each working group has a Chair or co-Chairs and also has its own mailing list to facilitate discussion.

The RIPE Working Group (WG) Chairs and co-Chairs are tasked with evaluating presentation proposals that are specific to their RIPE WG charter. Each WG has a specific technical focus and allows for a variety of presentation and discussion formats. If you have a topic that you would like to present or discuss during one of the WG sessions, you should contact the relevant WG Chair or co-Chair(s) directly.

RIPE Plenary Sessions:

RIPE Plenary sessions are scheduled on the Sunday, Monday and Thursday of the RIPE Meeting and are composed of presentations selected by the RIPE Programme Committee (PC) from contributions proposed by any interested person(s).

Plenary presentations are generally focused on a variety of topics or technologies of current interest to the Internet community at large. Contributions could be (new) technological developments of general interest, trends in operational practices, academic/industry research results, and reflective state-of-the art analysis or opposite future perspectives.

The RIPE PC evaluates plenary presentation proposals, submitted via a dedicated submission system. Presentation proposals can take the following forms: plenary presentation, tutorial, workshop, BoF (“Birds of a Feather”) or lightning talk.

For plenary sessions, presenters should keep in mind the type of audience RIPE Meetings attract and what the current hot topics are. The PC guides the community on the types of presentations they are looking for. The PC sends a “call for presentations” by email three months before a meeting, which is also posted on the RIPE Meeting website. The PC is open to proposals that fall outside of the suggested topics, and encourages such submissions.

Information on presentation formats for plenary sessions.